The new South of Urban Z Lounger is about ready for launch

Our theory of design process where traditional skill meets “smart manufacturing” has taken us to some interesting places over the last year or so.  Enter the new South of Urban Z Lounger concept designed by Jonathon Quinn.  This piece is set for launch in late May.  More details to come.

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South of Urban Z Lounger goes 21st Century

Our goal for this modern “Z” lounge chair was to incorporate CNC router technology from the very beginning of the design process. After two years of making small tweaks to each design, we’ve decided to launch this mid-century modern throwback into the future.

Smart manufacturing (digital technology meeting craftsmanship) is on the rise here in the US with the use of the CNC router, laser cutting, and 3d printing just to name a few of the techniques.  Check out a few of our other pieces that incorporated into this process.

Particle Board Made Cool

Here’s an old friend revisited. My longtime compadre, Drone in Seattle, and I took it upon us to make this trash-bound bigbox store shelving unit into something worth saving.

It’ a series of 7 double-sided panels (9 works in total) each telling their own story using urban art, Arabic & Hebrew caligraphy, as well as abstract modernism.  The panels were shipped to Seattle, Postal Service style, and the exterior was painted in parallel time frames back in Atlanta by SOU.  All art works are courtesy of my boy Drone.. Overall design was by Jonathon Q as well as the exterior envelope.

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Its all in the details | Matching 1008 and 1108 Consoles

These pieces were designed to play off of each other in this particular instance.   The maple, cherry, and alder wood selections are being used to match other designs (post-modern & mid-century modern pieces) that are located in the same space.  All of these pieces have clear, slightly tinted finishes that are being used to bring out the natural grain of the material.

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South of Urban on Tumblr | Modern Localization

Our idea of modern localization goes a long way.  Our relatively new tumblr feed will be chalk full of anecdotes & thoughts referencing the local impact of being a modern furniture designer / maker.

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South of Urban | 1207 Media Console Hits the Airwaves.

South of Urban 1207 Media Console | This piece was designed and built from reclaimed / antique heart pine.  This wood came from a 200 year-old textile mill that was set for demolition in lower Alabama.  As with every piece of furniture that we make, we strive to include the modern and historical influences of the South in as many details as possible.

Design | Jonathon Quinn
Credenza | 88″W x 18″D x 28″H
Material | Reclaimed/Antique Heart Pine

South of Urban | 1207 Media Console

South of Urban | 1207 Media Console

South of Urban | 1207 Media Console